PyCharm keyboard shortcuts

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When I started using Pycharm as my python IDLE, I came across some shortcuts that helped in coding better and faster.

Below are some of the shortcuts that save time when coding.

Ctrl + /

Select Ctrl + / for commenting and uncommenting the selected lines.

Copy, Paste and Delete

Ctrl + C — copies the entire line, where the cursor is placed. Avoids the need of selecting entire line contents.Ctrl + X — Similar to copy, this shortcut works for cut the entire line without selecting the entire line.Ctrl + V — For paste the line copied.

Ctrl + B

This shortcut helps in go to the declaration of the variable.

Ctrl + D

ctrl + D will make a copy of the line and paste it in below line. 

Ctrl + E

Select Ctrl + E for easily shifting among the recent files used in the project.

Double Shift

Double shift can be used to search the keyword everywhere.

Shift + F6

shift + F6 helps in performing refactoring.

Alt + F7

Selecting the variable and running the shortcut will return all the lines where it has been used.

Left Alt + Enter

This shortcuts helps in performing Quick fix for the error shown by pycharm idle.

Ctrl + Alt + C

Shortcut ctrl + Alt + C will create a constant from the selected lines.

Ctrl + Alt + T

ctrl + Alt + T will show options for surrounding with loops or try / catch block.

Ctrl + Alt + M

ctrl + Alt + M will create a method from the selected lines.

Ctrl + Alt + V

ctrl + Alt + V will create a variable for the selected contents.

Alt + Shift + C

Shortcut Alt + shift + C will displays the recent changes.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L will help in reformating the structure of entire python file.

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + J

This shortcuts will helps in changing the variable names all at a time




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